Friday, May 14, 2010

qotd: British Medical Association opposes for-profit commercialization

British Medical Association (BMA)
Our Principles

The BMA is against the increasing commercialisation of patient care. We want to see the NHS restored as a public service working co-operatively for patients, not a market of commercial businesses competing with each other. That's why we're campaigning for an NHS which:

1. Provides high quality, comprehensive healthcare for all, free at the point of use

2. Is publicly funded through central taxes, publicly provided and publicly accountable

3. Significantly reduces commercial involvement

4. Uses public money for quality healthcare, not profits for shareholders

5. Cares for patients through co-operation, not competition

6. Is led by medical professionals working in partnership with patients and the public

7. Seeks value for money but puts the care of patients before financial targets

8. Is fully committed to training future generations of medical professionals

Comment:  Who could understand better the British National Health Service than the physicians of the British Medical Association? Their experience has led them to take a strong stand against for-profit commercialization of health care. Are physicians in the United States fundamentally that much different from those in Great Britain? Don't think so.

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