Monday, September 20, 2010

qotd: Single payer an issue in Vermont gubernatorial election

Shumlin - Picture of Health

"... Vermont needs a single payer system. Get the insurance companies out of the picture. Let health benefits follow you, not depend on your employer, and reward doctors for making you better. As governor, I'll deliver real health care reform."

Peter Shumlin, candidate for Governor of Vermont

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Brian Dubie: Pure Vermont

"... set priorities, reduce regulations, roll the economy so that we can continue to make opportunities happen in our state."

Brian Dubie, candidate for Governor of Vermont

September 16, 2010
On the Money, Sept. 15: Dubie has $410,269 in cash; Shumlin has $61,965 on hand
By Anne Galloway

The numbers are in, and Lt. Gov. Brian Dubie, the Republican candidate for governor of Vermont, is the winner in the money race. Dubie has raised nearly three times more money than his Democratic opponent in the last campaign finance reporting period.

Dubie's supporters donated $150,215 to his campaign in the last month; Sen. Peter Shumlin, D-Windham, who recently emerged as the winner of a five-way Democratic primary race after a two-week recount, has raised $58,964 in the last 30 days.

Peter Shumlin for Governor:

Brian Dubie for Governor:

Comment:  PNHP does not endorse political candidates.

Today's message is of significance because it demonstrates once again that the single payer message can be carried beyond the party primaries and into the general election. Just as U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has never abandoned the single payer message, so now Vermont State Senator Peter Shumlin is carrying the single payer message forward in his campaign for governor.

Peter Shumlin already had a track record on single payer, having been an original sponsor of S.88, a bill that would have established a single payer system in Vermont. He continued to support S.88 when it was modified to authorize a study on comprehensive reform for Vermont (Act 128), including an evaluation of the single payer model. That study is currently under way by Harvard Professor William Hsiao and his colleagues, and will be reported out in the near future.

In the money race for the campaign, Sen. Shumlin is well behind his opponent, Lt. Gov. Brian Dubie, since Democratic funds were split amongst five candidates in the primary, followed by a period of uncertainty because of a recount. This election provides the citizens of Vermont the opportunity to express their views on single payer reform, whether in support or opposed. It would be a shame if lack of funds prevented the voters from knowing that single payer is an important issue in this election.

Although we are very excited that the issue of single payer is moving further into mainstream politics, it must be emphasized that THIS MESSAGE IS NOT AN ENDORSEMENT NOR A SOLICITATION OF FUNDS FOR ANY POLITICAL CANDIDATE. Rather it is a plea for us to make every effort we can to be sure that we have a fully informed electorate.

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