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The Wall Street Journal
December 18, 2012
Cleveland Clinic Diagnoses Health-Care Act
By Anna Wilde Mathews

Just over a year from now, the Affordable Care Act is set to unleash
enormous change in the health-care sector, and Cleveland Clinic Chief
Executive Delos "Toby" Cosgrove is preparing his institution by
expanding its reach and striving to make caregivers more cost-conscious.

WSJ: Do you think employers will stop providing health insurance, even
though they can pay a penalty under the health overhaul law?

Dr. Cosgrove: The first ones will be the small companies... Every CEO
I've talked to knows how much he'd save between insuring his people and
paying the federal penalty.

WSJ: What does that tell you?

Dr. Cosgrove: The first time some big player does that, it's going to
fall like dominoes. What that does is drive everybody to the exchanges.

WSJ: What does that mean to you?

Dr. Cosgrove: It's going to be a faster move towards one payer.
Increasingly, people think that in 10 years you're going to have 75% of
the health-care costs paid by the federal government.

WSJ: You think we're moving toward a single-payer system?

Dr. Cosgrove: Well, the question is how long...I don't think in the next
10 years, but I think it probably is going to head in that direction.

Comment: Cleveland Clinic President and CEO Delos "Toby" Cosgrove
confirms what Physicians for a National Health Program has been saying
all along. It's not whether we'll ever have single payer, it's how long.

It's our job to expedite it.

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