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The Washington Post
May 23, 2013
Health care tops other industries for highest median CEO pay

Here's a look at median CEO pay by industry last year, as calculated by
executive pay research firm Equilar. For the fourth time in five years,
health care CEOs got the most pay and utilities CEOs got the least.

—Health care: $11.1 million

—Industrial goods: $11 million

—Services: $10.9 million

—Financial: $9.8 million

—All companies: $9.7 million

—Consumer goods: $9.5 million

—Basic materials: $9.3 million

—Technology: $9.2 million

—Utilities: $7.5 million

Comment: So health care CEOs have the highest median pay of all
industries in the United States. But notice that their pay is not much
higher than the median CEO pay in all industries. That brings up a
couple of questions.

What do CEOs do?

Does their "contribution" to society warrant that level of pay?

Considering what CEOs do, do we really even want them in our health care
system since it is an "industry" apart from all the rest?

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