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Blue Rider Press, Penguin Group
What It Means to Be a Democrat
By George McGovern

Universal Health Care

In 2010, Barack Obama and the Democrats in Congress did an outstanding
job in passing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act to make
health insurance available for every American. The bill passed without a
single Republican vote.

The law is being phased in over five years, but it already has
eliminated some of the major shortcomings of the private insurance
system. It has made health care coverage available to more children and
young adults, ended lifetime limits on coverage, made more preventive
services available at no cost, improved pharmaceutical coverage for
seniors on Medicare, and provided tax credits to small businesses that
insure their employees. The law also prohibits insurers from the heinous
practice of denying coverage to children who have preexisting
conditions, a provision that later will be extended to adults. It offers
much-needed discipline to the insurance companies, which have called the
shots for far too long.

But I think we should go further.

We should replace the 906-page bill, which I'm sure many lawmakers and
most citizens haven't read, with a seven word sentence that reads:
"Congress hereby extends Medicare to all Americans."

My firsthand experience with Medicare has convinced me that a
Medicare-like plan, or single-payer system such as Canada enjoys, should
apply to everyone, not just to old duffers like me.


Electoral votes, 1972 Presidential election:

17 - George McGovern
520 - Richard Nixon

McGovern tried, and he never quit. We are all the better for it.

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