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Jackson & Coker Industry Report
October 1, 2012
Results of the 2012 Physicians' Presidential Poll
By Jackson & Coker Research Associates

A new survey of physicians shows that if the Presidential election were
held today, 55 percent would vote for Mitt Romney and 36 percent would
support President Obama, according to a survey conducted by Jackson &
Coker, a division of Jackson Healthcare, the third largest healthcare
staffing company in the US.

When asked how they felt about the Affordable Care Act, 55 percent said
"repeal and replace" the new law while 40 percent said "implement and
improve" the ACA.

Comment: Rather than demonstrating where physicians are on their
beliefs and understanding of health policy, this poll merely shows that
the debate has been reduced to the politics of the Affordable Care Act
(ACA). Of the 55 percent who would replace ACA, there is no breakdown on
those who would replace it with Medicare for All (neither candidate)
and those who would replace it with policies that likely would shift
more of the financial burden to patients (Romney). Also, of the 40
percent who would improve ACA there is no breakdown of those who would
support the dubious strategy of modifying it incrementally as a means of
eventually achieving single payer reform (neither candidate). We need
surveys of physicians' views on policy, not politics.

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