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Health Services Research (HSR)
August 2013

An Examination of Pay-for-Performance in General Practice in Australia
By Jessica Greene Ph.D.

This study examines the impact of Australia's pay-for-performance (P4P)
program for general practitioners (GPs).

There was a short-term increase in diabetes testing and cervical cancer
screens after program implementation. The increase, however, was for all
GPs. Neither signing onto the program nor claiming incentive payments
was associated with increased diabetes testing or cervical cancer screening.



The Effect of Pay-for-Performance in Nursing Homes: Evidence from State
Medicaid Programs
By Rachel M. Werner M.D., Ph.D., R. Tamara Konetzka Ph.D., Daniel Polsky

Medicaid-based P4P in nursing homes did not result in consistent
improvements in nursing home quality. Expectations for improvement in
nursing home care under P4P should be tempered.


Comment: More evidence that pay-for-performance (P4P) does not improve
quality nor reduce costs.

Single payer does.

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