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Copernicus Healthcare
Everybody In, Nobody Out
Memoirs of a Rebel Without a Pause
By Quentin Young, M.D.

From the Epilogue

>From my adolescent years to the present, I've never wavered in my
belief in humanity's ability - and our collective responsibility - to
bring about a more just and equitable social order. I've always believed
in humanity's potential to create a more caring society.

That viewpoint has infused my relations with family, friends, patients,
and medical colleagues. It has been a lifelong, driving force to promote
equality and the common good, and I believe it has served me well.

I suppose being a physician has made it easier for me to work toward
this goal. Easier, that is, than if I had chosen a different occupation.
I've spent a lifetime trying to help others - in my daily rounds, in my
clinic, as a hospital administrator, at demonstrations, in my work with
health advocacy groups - and it all adds up to a deeply rewarding
career. Few people have had such good fortune.

But as you've no doubt noticed in the preceding pages, my views and
actions have also propelled me into sharp conflict with institutions and
persons who would perpetuate injustice. That was true yesterday; it
remains true today. My work is unfinished.

Comment: This weekend in Boston at the annual meeting of Physicians for
a National Health Program, we will be celebrating the 90th birthday of
Quentin Young. This is no ordinary birthday for no ordinary man. He
lives up to his name by remaining young and vibrant as he continues his
lifelong quest for equality and the common good, while fighting the
forces of injustice. His work is unfinished.

Quentin has been a personal inspiration to me as he was the person who
guided me at the pivot point in my life when I shifted from the practice
of medicine to my second calling as a passionate advocate of health care
justice. He will continue to be my inspiration.

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